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Ranking within the Sector

Our sales have experienced sustained growth and they represent a significant percentage of the pharmaceutical market in the region.

The brands we represent occupy leadership positions in the Central American market, they are constantly enhanced with the incorporation of new molecules, this action keeps us in line with the global therapeutic trend.

We have a wide catalog of products, composed by brands of great prestige and quality, which are covered by a wide range of Therapeutic classes.


Leterago, has grown to the point of becoming a key player in Central America’s pharmaceutical market. Responsible and balanced work has led us to achieve excellent results, while giving us the strength and confidence to face the challenges of a dynamic and highly competitive market.


Territorial Coverage

In Leterago we focus on offering a distribution service oriented to meet and exceed our customers’ and represented manufacturer’s expectations, at the forefront of the demands of the market, offering effective delivery times guaranteeing our customers’ satisfaction

We have a large sales and marketing force, made up of professionals of the highest level, who effectively manage the commercialization of the products we represent, offering nationwide coverage in all subsidiaries and with a frequency adapted to the needs of every customer.

Our Regional Corporate Office of Leterago Central America

It is located in Panama City, with subsidiaries in the rest of the region, carefully designed to generate a strong and solid institutional presence.

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Warehouse and Logistics Area


About Our Logistics Operator

Trans Pharma Distributor, consolidates its operations at a free zone located in Panama, in Colon province, distinguishes itself as a modern distributor, combining state of the art technological development with high quality industrial production, endowed with the highest technological level of the region.

TPD is the leading pharmaceutical logistics operator for Leterago Central America, distributing to 16 Latin American countries, providing a wide range of first level services.

It performs tasks of reception, warehousing, palletizing and distribution, counting with a wide and complete infrastructure, has the latest generation of production equipment, all integrated providing a continuous monitoring of the relevant variables of the processes.

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