Leterago Centroamérica is a distributor of pharmaceutical and related products, putting at your service the experience of more than a decade of management in the region and more than 50 years in Latin America.

  • Our Customer’s satisfaction represents our reason for existing.
  • We rely on values that define the way we work and the way we interact, both professionally and personally, both within and outside the company.
  • Our results are the sum total of coordinated efforts of enthusiastic collaborators, committed to achieving the goals, in order to turn the vision of the company into reality.

  • The success of our services comes from the humility; we promote a culture sustained in values, which are the key for the organizational survival.
  • We have trained staff, our passion is implicit in each of our decisions, always having the desire to improve and achieve the effectiveness of our products, positioning ourselves in each market we are serving in Central America.
  • Our mission is to seek and consolidate the leadership of all the represented laboratories, based on ethics and responsible attitude.
  • We are characterized by adapting to the changes and market needs of each of our subsidiaries, using the necessary resources to achieve our objectives, offering respect and openness to the diversity of cultures and traditions in Central America, persevering until we achieve integration so we can expand in each country.
  • We have adequate infrastructure in all the subsidiaries with the commitment to optimize their marketing and logistics processes.

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